Sea Lion Stops Traffic Crossing Busy Road

This is the moment an ‘underfed’ sea lion is caught up in the middle of traffic on a busy road while making its way back into the ocean across the busy stretch.

Drivers on the busy Genaro Medrano avenue, in the city of Pisco in the Peruvian municipality of Ica, stopped to let the confused-looking sea lion cross the road, stopping traffic in both directions.

Video Credit: CEN/@JuanitoPalante

In the video, the sea lion can be seen at the edge of the road when it turns and begins crawling across the tarmac. Fishermen and onlookers work to ensure the animal has a safe passage as they usher it towards the sea.

The sea lion can then be seen getting back into the water and local media report fishermen had called the authorities after spotting the animal on the road.

Sealion crawls across an avenue

Some social media users complained after watching the video that the animal, which reportedly looks underfed in the footage, had not been checked out by a professional vet. 

Local residents in the area pointed out that these mammals frequently become entangled with the nets of the fishing boats that work close to the shore. 

It is unclear how the sea lion ended up on the road and residents have reportedly asked the Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR).

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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