Newly Found Lizard Named After Iron Maiden Singer

A new lizard discovered in Peru has been named after the legendary British heavy metal Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson.

The ‘Enyalioides dickinsoni’ wood lizard was found with another new reptile as scientists explored the humid Amazon mountain forests of Cordillera de Colan.

Its name means Dickinson’s stick lizard and adults measure about 11 inches long with bodies covered in spiky scales and a spiked crest along its back.

However, it is not known why they chose the iconic Number of the Beast singer’s name for the newly found species.

A statement from Peru’s protected wildlife agency SERNANP on 7th February said it has been “specifically named in honour of Paul Bruce Dickinson, lead vocalist of the legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden.”

Picture shows Bruce Dickinson, undated. New lizard found in the jungle of Peru is named in honor of the Iron Maiden singer. (@brucedickinsonhq/Newsflash)

It was discovered alongside another newly-found lizard named ‘Enyalioides cyanocephalus’ or ‘blue headed stick lizard, according to local media.

A SERNANP statement obtained by Newsflash said: “The biodiversity of Peru once again surprises the world with the discovery of two new species of lizards of the genus Enyalioides in the Colan Mountain Range, located in the Amazon region.”

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They added: “These species were discovered as part of a research study developed by experts from the Rainforest Partnership, the Peruvian Institute of Herpetology and the Museum of Zoology of the School of Biological Sciences of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, with the support of personnel from the National Service for Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP), an organisation attached to the Ministry of the Environment.”

Despite his fame as a giant of heavy metal Dickinson, 65, from Nottinghamshire, has become a Renaissance man with talents as a fencer, pilot and historian.

Picture shows Enyalioides cyanocephalus, undated. It was described as a blue-headed stick lizard. (SERNANP/Newsflash)

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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