Man Detained After Trying To Smuggle More Than 33 Protected Turtles In Several Days

Customs catch a smuggler carrying a total of 21 endangered turtles in his suitcase before he attempted to sneak another 12 in the next two days.

Surveillance camera footage recorded at the Gongbei Port, located in the city of Zhuhai in China’s southern Guangdong Province showed the offender, named only as Zhou, attempting to cross the border at around 7pm on 9th January.

However, he was halted when attempting to proceed through the green channel at customs after officers noticed him carrying a plastic bag, which raised suspicions.


Upon searching his belongings, customs were stunned to find 12 flattened musk turtles, eight spotted turtles, and one common musk turtle, all of which are listed in the Washington Convention (CITES) Appendix II.

As he was unable to provide legal certification for the animals, all of them were seized by customs.

Man Caught Trying To Smuggle Over 200 Tiny Turtles Including Endangered Species

In the next couple of days, Zhou once again attempted to smuggle another 12 turtles, this time aided by two accomplices. He was again intercepted by customs at the gate and detained.

The Customs Department said in a statement obtained by AsiaWire. “It is prohibited to trade, carry, and deliver endangered animals and plants and their products into and out of the country.

Picture shows the turtles, undated. A man was detained for smuggling turtles at airport. In Zhuhai, China. (Customs/AsiaWire)

“If the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, they will be held criminally responsible according to law.”

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Story By: Georgina Jedikovska, Sub-Editor: Simona Kitanovska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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