Newborn Baby Found Abandoned In Cardboard Box

An amazed recycler couldn’t believe his eyes when he searched a dumped box for old metal and found a newborn baby inside.

The street salvager had found the closed cardboard box in the Vila Formosa neighbourhood of Ipatinga, Minas Gerais state, south-eastern Brazil on the afternoon of Wednesday, 14th September.

He opened it up and inside, to his shock, he found a black plastic bag with a baby in it, as seen in this remarkable footage.

He then immediately sought help from passersby.

Locals took the baby – whose umbilical cord and mother’s placenta were still attached – and wrapped her in a sheet until paramedics from the Mobile Emergency Attendance Service arrived on the scene and took her to Marcio Cunha Hospital.

The paediatrician who treated her reported that she was dehydrated and had a low blood sugar level. However, she added that her condition was stable and she was not at risk of death.

Student Leticia Matuzalem, who helped rescue the baby, told local media: “She had just been born, for sure, she had only been there a few hours. Very sad, pitiful.”

CCTV footage shows a person who appears to be a woman carrying a bag near the spot where the baby was found. At a later moment in the video, the person can be seen without the bag.

Police are analysing the footage.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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