Monty Python Ministry Of Silly Walks Created In US City

This family set tongues wagging during the COVID-19 pandemic by establishing a Ministry of Silly Walks at their Californian home with a special zone outside for people to practice.

The Salmon family then put up signs which read “You have now entered the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks. Commence silly walking immediately” outside their home in San Luis Obispo, California.

The sign echoes a gag from the British hit comedy series ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ where John Cleese performs silly walks at a ministry of the same name.

Credit: CEN/@slo.silly.walks

The unconventional strutting of passers-by is then filmed by the family’s CCTV system and posted on Instagram where 98 posts have been made so far, with many showcasing the hilarious walks of visitors.

The page has so far racked up more than 4,000 followers as netizens drop by to watch others in action, or perhaps catch a glimpse of their own fancy footwork.

Maureen, who lives at the residence with her partner Tom, explained in local media that they set up the page because they wanted to do something fun for their community.

Credit: CEN/@slo.silly.walks

She added: “You set up a section and you have people just walk through, run through, dance through, and we catch it on our Ring camera and post it to our own Instagram page.”

So far the page seems to be a ‘runaway’ success with netizens praising the feel-good initiative.

stephanieelizabeth83 wrote: “I love the fact that so many people do it.”

Credit: CEN/@slo.silly.walks

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