Maradonas Lawyer Says He Could Have 10th Child

Diego Maradona’s lawyer has revealed the footballing icon is willing to accept he is the father of a tenth child who is now 18 years old and living in Argentina.

Maradona recently recognised he was the father of four children in Cuba and his lawyer has now hinted the ex-Napoli man could have fathered another son in Argentina, which would take his total children to 10.

Credit: Golders/@matiasmorlaok
Matias Morla with Maradona

Lawyer Matias Morla confirmed that the mother of an 18-year-old named Santiago Lara from the city of La Plata in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires had begun the judicial process to determine the father of her son in 2005 before her death from lung cancer.

Morla told Argentine magazine Pronto that he had received the information from journalist Luis Ventura, saying: “He (Ventura) has information and I believe him, even though there aren’t any advances in the issue yet. He says that Claudia Villafane (Maradona’s ex-wife) confessed it to him, she told him that she knew about the children from Cuba.”

Morla added that Villafane’s lawyer Fernando Burlando denied his client knew of the latest case of her husband having a child in Argentina, but he said: “But Luis (Ventura) said that she did and he has spoken to everyone for a very long time.”

Lara was first mentioned as being the son of Maradona in 2016 and he said at the time: “For me, my dad is always going to be Marcelo Lara, but from what I understand and what has been explained to me, my father is supposedly Diego Maradona.”

Credit: Golders/@matiasmorlaok
Matias Morla with Maradona

Morla told TN Show that “Maradona would be willing to recognise his paternity” of Lara if all the correct procedures were followed and a paternity suit was filed.

Reports state that Santiago’s mother Natalia Garat has begun the judicial process and was prepared to file a paternity suit before her death. She left Santiago in her partner Marcelo Lara’s care and the suit was never filed.

Maradona is the father to Dalma, Gianinna, Dieguito Fernando, Diego Junior, Jana, and the four children in Cuba have been named as Joana, Lu, Javielito and Harold.

The four children in Cuba have been recognised by Maradona and his layer as his children but are yet to be confirmed by DNA testing.

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