Viral: Paralysed Pooch Nursed Back To Full Fitness

This is the heartwarming footage, viewed 5.4 million times, of a dog in Spain, unable to use its legs being nursed back to full fitness before getting back on his feet.

A short video of the process was posted on social media where it has gone viral with over 5.4 million views.

Video Credit: CEN/@rehabilitaria

The cute dog called Luna arrived at the clinic in the city of Seville in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia after undergoing a hernia operation one month previously.

Rehabilitation expert Leticia Estudillo Jimenez, 33, told Central European News (CEN): “Luna is an 11-year-old dog that arrived to the rehabilitation centre one month after undergoing surgery.

Credit: CEN/@rehabilitaria
The disabled dog during the rehabilitation process

“After returning home, the owner found that Luna was unable to walk. She came to me 30 days after the operation. Luna was unable to move a muscle.”

Estudillo Jimenez said that the dog had two one-hour sessions a week where she slowly learned how to walk again.

Luna is now running and jumping again after a four-month rehabilitation process, although treatment is still ongoing.

The viral video shows highlights of the dog being shown how to move her legs with the use of harnesses, gym balls and massages.

Exercises also involved dog biscuits, used to encourage Luna to move towards them or ‘earn’ them through hard work.

Estudillo Jimenez said: “The owner helped by carrying out some exercises at home as well.

Credit: CEN/@rehabilitaria
The dog starting to walk after the rehabilitation

“Today, Luna is able to run and jump. She continues to come here for further treatment.”

Estudillo Jimenez told CEN: “Luna was rescued and adopted when she was about a year old. She comes to the clinic with her owner Maria Cruz and another dog she owns called Jota.”

It is unclear how the dog lost the use of its legs.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


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