Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Side Of Dead Owners Coffin

These images show a poor pooch pining for its owner next to his coffin after he was killed in a landslide this week.

Eduardo Porras was killed while waiting for the bus to go to work in the city of Dosquebradas in the Colombian department of Risaralda on Tuesday, 8th February.

According to family members, Eduardo’s beloved dog Broli has taken the tragedy the hardest and has not eaten or slept, and has refused to leave the coffin.

They said the dog’s pain is even reflected in its eyes.

Family member Juan Carlos Moncada said: “Broli is the one who misses him the most, he hasn’t left the coffin, he has been there the whole time and really, even animals show their sadness, you can see the loss, his absence.”

As well as remaining by its owner’s coffin, Broli used to wait for him every day at the front door to say goodbye when he went to work.

The dog named Broli hasn’t eaten well or slept for two days and wont leave the body of Eduardo Porras who died in an avalanche in Dosquebradas, Colombia, in February, 2022. (Newsflash)

Moncada said: “Even today, when we were trying to organise things, we had to lock him up somewhere else because he wouldn’t stop howling in despair.”

The victim’s daughter Vanessa Porras said: “My father was a caretaker, he worked for the education board in Pereira and was based at a school in La Esperanza.”

The landslide that killed Porras also claimed the lives of 15 other residents in the city.

Heavy rainfall triggered the landslip and at least 34 people were injured in the incident.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorWilliam McGee,  Agency: Newsflash

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