Archbishop Leads Covid-Purge Procession Through Town

This is the moment a Romanian priest leads a procession through the streets to help purge the area of COVID-19.

The procession took place in the commune of Cogealac in the south-eastern Romanian county of Constanta county on the evening of10th November.

The Archbishop of Tomis, referred to as His Eminence Teodosie, led the procession to drive away the novel coronavirus thought the town streets as religious music played from the loudspeakers of a following van.

Credit: Replica de Constanta/Newsflash

A group of local devotees also joined the archbishop on his procession through town.

According to the news source Replica de Constanta, the procession was organised at the request of Cogealac mayor Cati Hristu.

However, it wasn’t the first time the Archdiocese of Tomis called on the divine to help out troubled parishioners.

In April, the archbishop urged priests to go into the fields and conduct services for much-needed rainfall.

Constanta County currently has one of the highest COVID-19 rates in the country.

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Story By: Sergiu NazaruSub Editor:  Marija StojkoskaAgency: Newsflash

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