Jaguar Hit By Car Day After Being Saved From 6 Hours Up Tree

This hapless jaguar has been hit by a car a day after being trapped up a tree for six hours.

The jaguar was first rescued on 31 October after it had scaled a 6-metre (20-foot) mango tree at a reserve in the municipality of Marilia in the south-eastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo and could not get down.

The jaguar spent six hours stuck up the tree and needed to be rescued by the emergency services with the help of a vet

The jaguar was tranquillised with a dart and the fire brigade built a net near the base of the tree. One of the firefighters then climbed up and pushed the sleeping jaguar off the tree and into the net.

Credit: Seguranca Publica SP/Newsflash
The jaguar being attended after the rescue

The three-year-old male was then taken for a veterinary examination, where it was found to be uninjured, before being returned to nature in the nearby municipality of Galia during the night.

However, the 40-kilogramme feline did not manage to stay out of harm’s way for long as it was hit by a car on a nearby motorway on 1 November.

The jaguar had reportedly left the reserve in search of food and was hit when it was on its way back to the reserve after eating a cat.

It was once again taken to a veterinary clinic where it received treatment for an injury to one of its paws.

It was then taken to a veterinary hospital, where it was given antibiotics. It was found to have a slight fracture in one leg, but was otherwise well.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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