Jackie Chan Angers HK By Backing Chinas Draconian Law

Hollywood martial arts star Jackie Chan has sparked outrage in Hong Kong by backing China’s new security law which is intended to crush growing dissent.

On 29th May, Chan, 66, who was born in Hong Kong, joined over 2,000 performing artists in supporting China’s new security law for the former British colony.

According to reports, the National People’s Congress (NPC) passed the repressive security law intended to crush growing dissent in Hong Kong on 28th May.

The following day, Chan reportedly joined 2,616 artists and 11 cultural groups in signing a statement backing the new law.

Credit: AsiaWire
Jackie Chan

The statement said: “We fully understand the importance of safeguarding national security for Hong Kong and support the decision of the National People’s Congress on Hong Kong’s national security law.”

Numerous Hong Kong entertainers voiced their anger over the law including singers Anthony Wong Yiu-ming and Denise Ho, according to local media.

In response, the ‘Rush Hour’ star joined a group of other Hong Kong celebrities to back the new law, including singer Liza Wang and actor Eric Tsang.

Their statement called on local residents to “enhance inclusive understanding and bring Hong Kong back to the right path of civilisation and the rule of law and start again.”

Credit: AsiaWire/@hoccgoomusic
Singer Denise Ho

However, a number of Hong Kong stars denied backing the new law over the weekend.

Singer Ram Chiang, pianist Jacqueline Li, and Taiwanese actress Hsu Hsi-yuan all reportedly denied supporting the law and claimed their names were used without their permission.

Chan is considered unpopular in Taiwan after cheating on his Taiwanese wife and criticising the state’s democracy over the years, according to local media.

Taiwanese netizens slammed the actor for “licking the CCP’s boots” and reminded him of what he said in 2009: “If you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It’s very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic.

Credit: AsiaWire/@wongyiuminganthony
Singer-songwriter, Anthony Wong Yiu-ming

“I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled.”

Other netizens said “you had affairs and your son smoked pot, you’re too free aren’t you?” and “Hong Kong could never be as chaotic as his private life”.

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