Italian Bailiffs Try To Seize Dog Rescued By Activists

An abused dog rescued from its cruel owner and wanted by a loving new owner after being restored to health is being demanded back by bailiffs who says his previous owner has an unpaid debt.

The dog called Tex had barely settled into his new life after slowly rebuilding his physical strength and confidence after years of abuse, only to now be demanded back by Italian officials to be sold by the state as if he was an item of furniture.

The nine-year-old half-breed dog was rescued by animal protection officers a year ago, after being horrifically abused by his previous owner who starved and beat him.

After being handed over to an animal protection organisation, he was healed and then placed in the kennel for adoption.

Staff at the “San Francesco” dog shelter in Presina said that even though he was in a kennel, and that there were 150 other dogs there, he was a lot happier than he had been previously, and started to regain his confidence.

A short while later his new owner named Barbara, a woman from Turin with Venetian roots, fell in love with Tex and decided to adopt him, with the paperwork completed on 2nd of January.

Then came the pandemic and the lockdown, which paralyzed the activities of the court and the kennel so Tex had to remain in the structure for a few more months.

But just as he was about to be handed over finally to his new home, a letter turned up from the Offenses Office of the Court of Padua who told them that the dog needed to be sold to go towards the previous owner’s debts.

The kennel staff said it was a surreal situation given that there is a European directive that says that pets can no longer be considered as objects.

They are fighting the order, and meanwhile handed the dog over to Barbara who is continuing to give him tender loving care and is also vowing to fight any ruling ordering the dog to be handed over.

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Story By: Sara Zhivkova, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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