Iranian Women Journalists Arrested For Publishing Stories About Mahsa Amini And Covering Protests

Iranian police have arrested at least two women journalists involved in publishing the story of Mehsa Amini who died after being arrested and allegedly beaten for wearing a hijab incorrectly.

Nilufar Hamidi, a journalist for Sharq newspaper and website, is one of those who have been arrested.

She had published the picture of Mahsa Amini’s family behind the door of Mahsa’s room in Kasri Hospital in Tehran, and previously have been in hot water after publishing a video of a police officer shooting a couple in Pardisan Park in Tehran on 28 May.

Picture shows Mehsa Amini’s family behind the door of the room where she was hospitalized, undated. The picture was shared by the Iranian journalist Niloofar Hamedi. (@NiloofarHamedi/Newsflash)

It is unclear what charges she faces but she was apparently arrested this morning (Thursday) at her home in Tehran.

Lawyers acting for her confirmed that property was confiscated and her house was searched.

The journalist was one of the first on the scene after news of Mehsa Amini’s transfer to Kasri Hospital.

Also arrested was Yalda Meiri, a photographer was also arrested according to a statement by the Committee for the Protection of Journalists.

Darbayanieh Journalists Protection Committee criticized the arrest of the photographer and demanded she be released.

She was apparently seized on Monday while covering the protests against the death of Mehsa (Zina) in the centre of Tehran and on Hijab Street.

Yalda Meiri’s family has confirmed the news of her arrest and transfer to prison.

Picture shows Iranian photo journalist, Yalda Moaiery, undated. She was arrested in Tehran, Iran. (Newsflash)

Sharif Mansour, member of the Middle East and North Africa program coordinator at the Committee to Protect Journalists, said: “The Iranian authorities must understand that they cannot hide the nationwide protests against the government by imprisoning journalists.”

Sharif Mansour has added: “The authorities should immediately and unconditionally release Yalda Meiri and stop arbitrarily imprisoning members of the press at this critical moment for Iran.”

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Story By:  Ipek Acar, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency: Newsflash

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