Incredible Volcanic Eruption In Hawaii Creates A Large Lake Of Molten Hot Lava

This is the incredible moment of an eruption at a volcanic crater in Hawaii which creates a pool of hot lava as experts now fear the health risks it poses.

The shocking footage was recorded at the active shield volcano of Kilauea located in the resort islands of Hawaii in the American state with the same name on 18th February.

The eruption at the large volcano started in December 2020 but has been largely restricted to a crater in the volcano called Halema‘uma‘u.

Credit: @USGSVolcanoes/Newsflash

The video shows a stream of molten hot lava gushing out of a vent into the crater where a massive lake of lava can be seen forming.

The lake was measured to be about 215 metres (705 feet) deep with intermittent crustal foundering while the eastern part turned into a stagnant and solidified surface crust

Extensive amounts of volcanic gas are continuously released which are composed primarily of water vapour, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide which has led experts to fear the health hazards they pose to locals.

The sulfur in the toxic gasses can react with other components in the atmosphere leading to volcanic smog which increases the risk of airborne health hazards or potentially damages agriculture.

Explosions, rockfall and volcanic glass particles were also reported in the latest eruptions.

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Story By: Uran DulatahiSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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