Experts: Using Sanitiser Gel In Sun Causes Burns

Dermatologists in Spain have warned that exposing the skin to the sun for long hours after using sanitising gel could cause stains and burns.

According to dermatologist Marta Frieyro of the Marbella Quironsalud Hospital in the province of Malaga in the southern Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia, mixing sunbathing and the use of sanitising gel could cause stains and burns on the skin.

Frieyro told local media that people mistakenly think sanitising gel components evaporate quickly but they actually “stay on the skin surface for a long time.”

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Tourists doing outdoor sport activities in Spain

The Spanish dermatologist also recommends washing your hands with soap and water as it is “a safe measure against infections for the coronavirus and it does not put your skin health at risk.”

Reports say the Marbella Quironsalud Hospital dermatology service has also warned about the dangers of sunbathing as levels of melanin might be low after spending the spring in lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dermatologist Pablo Garcia Montero told local media: “Our pigments system still keeps the levels of melanin very low as it is linked to the impact of ultraviolet radiation on our skin.”

Doctor recommend avoiding sunbathing during midday hours, using a sun cream with a high SFP between 30 and 50 and apply it on the skin every two hours at the beach.

Credit: Newsflash
Sanitizing gel

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