Incredible Transformation From Dog Waiting To Die Into Happy Smiling Pooch

This is the incredible transformation of a dog after he was found lying on the street waiting to die before being nursed back to health.

The canine, who has been affectionately named ‘Furball’, was rescued by the NGO ‘Salvando Huellitas Pisco’ (Saving Little Footprints In Pisco) located in the city of Pisco in the Peruvian department of Ica.

Salvando Huellitas Pisco Founder Giannina Garcia told Newsflash: “This is not an easy job but we do it with all our hearts.”

She said the organisation does not receive any help from companies or officials and totally relies on donations and the time given by volunteers.

Giannina said Furball found his way to the organisation after a woman alerted them about a dog in an extremely bad condition”. The founder said she was initially hesitant to take him in as they already had mounting costs.

Credit: @salvandohuellitaspisco/Newsflash
This dog Peludito or ‘Furball’ was rescued in the streets of the city of Pisco, Peru, in terrible condition, and the rescue showed his rehabilitation.

However, she said: “When I saw the little dog there, he was just waiting to die because I asked around and he didn’t eat. He had been in the streets for a long time given the condition we found him in.”

Salvando Huellitsa Pisco shared several videos revealing Furball’s incredible transformation after nearly four months which the group’s founder said they did with “love, effort, dedication, lots of faith and the support of several people who never left his side”.

The images show the canine appearing to be almost an entirely new animal after growing all of his gold-coloured hair back and sporting a large grin on his face.

Giannina said: “When Furball got here his look was sad, he thought someone would hurt him but with a little care, in a few days we gained his trust. His face was another, it gave us lots of hope, he is very loving and kind. “

Furball required treatment for his skin, scabies, liver, anaemia, bad eye infections, vitamin deficiency, malnourishment, ticks and he also required medical baths.

Giannina said he is just about fully recovered as he only has a small cut on his ear left to heal. She added: “Now we need to find him sponsor parents to help with food costs and monthly veterinary check-ups so he can remain healthy and properly fed.”

Credit: @salvandohuellitaspisco/Newsflash
This dog Peludito or ‘Furball’ after he was rescued in the streets of the city of Pisco, Peru, in terrible condition.

Furball has not been put up for total adoption as Giannina said she wanted to make sure he was completely recovered before doing anything.

The founder ended by saying: “I hope more people join in rescuing and changing the lives of a little street animal.”

Anybody interested in more information on the NGO or who would like to make a donation can visit their social media. (

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Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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