Headless Chickens, White Dove And Rooster Tortured For Weird Rituals Found In New York Cemeteries

Animal protection authorities in the USA have offered a USD 2,000 reward after several beheaded chickens, a white dove, and a rooster used for a religious ritual were discovered in cemeteries.

The Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in New York State has launched an investigation after incidents involving severed animal parts were found in several cemeteries.

They are now looking for suspects for the beheading of several chickens, a dove, and a rooster, which were disposed of on the island of Long Island that is in Suffolk County.

Police believe the animals had served as sacrifices as part of some kind of ritual.

According to a statement released by Suffolk County SPCA on Saturday, 11th November, the latest incident happened at the Union Cemetery in Middle Island on Wednesday, 8th November.

Picture shows the beheaded chickens, undated. The Suffolk County SPCA offers a reward for information on animal sacrifice. (Suffolk County SPCA/CEN)

The non-profit said that at the time, a man was walking his dog near the cemetery’s entrance when he discovered a headless chicken and chunks of coconut wrapped inside a bag.

Further investigation also found a number of fruits, vegetables, candle remains, and bones from a goat’s head on the spot.

Suffolk County SPCA said in the statement, which was obtained by Newsflash: “These findings are indicative of animal sacrifice which involves the killing and offering of an animal as part of a religious ritual.”

A similar incident had been reported on Tuesday, 17th October, when the remains of a beheaded chicken, a black rooster, and a white dove were found at the same cemetery.

Detectives described the scene as a “grisly find” and a “ritualistic sacrifice”.

In an August incident, two decapitated chickens were found in front of a headstone at Old Baptist Cemetery in the hamlet of Coram, said Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross.

Gross said: “What they do is use a knife, in many cases a dull knife, and I have heard of situations where they want to cause extreme harm to these animals, more pain and suffering to these animals before they are killed.

Picture shows the beheaded chickens, undated. The Suffolk County SPCA offers a reward for information on animal sacrifice. (Suffolk County SPCA/CEN)

“It’s barbaric.”

The Suffolk County SPCA is now offering a USD 2,000 (GBP 1,62) reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspects who face a year behind bars and a USD 1,000 (GBP 813) fine per offense for animal abuse.

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