Girl Who Begged Docs To Let Her Die After Years of Abuse Dies In ICU Age 7

This seven-year-old rape victim who begged doctors to let her die while being treated for injuries allegedly caused by years of abuse by her parents and uncle has died after months in ICU.

The local authorities announced that Yatziri, 7, tragically died in the Hospital de Las Margaritas in the Mexican state of Puebla on 28th December.

The seven-year-old was being treated in ICU after being severely beaten on 21st August.

Local media said that Yatziri died of multiorgan failure, however no further information was given.

A neighbour had taken the girl to hospital where she was diagnosed with internal bleeding, signs of rape, back burns, and a collapsed lung.

Upon arrival, the girl told doctors “I want to die, don’t heal me anymore”, adding “I don’t want to go back to my parents so they can keep hitting me”.

Her father, identified as Rafael, and mother, named as Alejandra Viridiana, have both been detained and are being investigated for abusing their daughter.

The police are tracking down the victim’s paternal uncle, who has not been named, for allegedly raping the young girl on repeated occasions, but he remains at large.

Yatziri had a three-year-old sister named Mitzy who was believed to have died of accidental asphyxiation in her sleep in June this year, and the police have reopened the case in the wake of her sibling’s death.

Yatziri had previously been admitted to hospital with signs of trauma blows and serious injuries all over her body dating back to 2019, as well as in February, May, and August 2020. Yet nothing was done.

In August, she was admitted with burns to her buttocks that had destroyed part of the muscle that was so severe medics had to do a skin graft.

In the recent message announcing her tragic death, the Government of Puebla said the actions that lead to the young girl’s early passing will not go unpunished.

The investigation continues.

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Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

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