Escaped Pet Boa Constrictor Captured By Cops After It Slithered Into Nursery School

This is the moment a brave cop grabs a boa constrictor by the neck and pulls it from the ceiling of a nursery school, where it had made itself at home after escaping from its owner’s house.

The incident occurred in the neighbourhood of Las Estancias in the Colombian city of Medellin, reported media outlet Pulzo yesterday, 14th November.


The footage posted on Twitter by the Policia Metropolitana del Valle de Aburra (Metropolitan Police of the Aburra Valley) shows an officer trying to pull the large, powerful snake away from the metal grates it had coiled itself around.

Eventually, the snake is seen losing the tug of war and the cop manages to get a firm grip on its neck and uses a stick to bring it down from the nursery school ceiling.

An investigation found that the snake belonged to a household in the same neighbourhood as the preschool.

The snake is believed to have escaped and slithered into the nursery school, where made itself at home, but did not harm anyone, reported Pulzo.

Police rescue a snake that had gotten into a kindergarten in November, 2021, in Medellin, Colombia.

The police said that domesticating animals that belong in the wild, such as this snake, is something they advise against and should be reported.

The boa constrictor is a large, non-venomous snake that is native to tropical South America and some Caribbean islands.

The male members of the species can grow to between 6 and 8 feet in length while females can reach lengths often exceeding 10 feet.

The boa constrictor’s bite is rarely dangerous to humans, but it can be painful.

The rescued snake, which appears to be a juvenile, was handed over to the Police Protection and Special Services Directorate, which is in charge of protecting such species.

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Story By: Peter Barker, Sub-Editor: William McGee, Agency:  Newsflash

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