German Prison Has To Change All 600 Locks After Trainee Shared Pics Of Keys On Social Media

A prison trainee may have to pay tens of thousands for replacing the institution’s door locks after he sent out snaps of keys to pals on WhatsApp.

The trainee, who worked at JVA Heidering prison in Germany’s Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, reportedly took photos of keys and sent them to a WhatsApp group.

According to local media, the intern wanted to boast about how great his new job is without realising that keys can be easily reproduced by specialists.

JVA Heidering prison is currently home to 647 inmates, and if replicas were smuggled inside, it could have led to a mass breakout.

The intern reportedly sent images of cell and corridor keys to pals on WhatsApp.

As a result, the prison’s entire key system had to be changed.

The incident was reported to the judicial authorities on Thursday, with spokesperson Sebastian Brux confirming: “All cells and passage doors have therefore been changed.”

Local media said that all door locks in the institution had to be replaced, resulting in 600 new locks and keys.

Around 20 prison workers were tasked with changing the locks the following day. Officials stated that the old keys were destroyed.

Even though there has been no official update on the outlay, experts estimate that it would have cost the prison EUR 50,000 to replace the system.

Meanwhile, spokesperson Brux said that the costs could well be billed to the bungling trainee.

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Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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