French Govt Boss Made Job Interview Women Pee Themselves

Police are probing a top French government official accused of spiking dozens of female job candidates’ coffee with drugs to make them pee so he could watch when they wet themselves.

The unnamed official, who works in Human Resources at the French Ministry of Culture in Paris, would even keep detailed notes on his computer about the incidents that happened when he interviewed female candidates for jobs.

One young woman revealed he had offered her a “disgusting coffee” – that she drank nonetheless so as not to appear rude – before taking her on a lengthy tour of the building.

Credit: CEN/Google Maps
French Ministry of Culture on 182 Rue Saint-Honore in Paris, France

Needing to pee, she asked him where the toilets were. He reportedly said: “Yes, of course, don’t worry, but let’s carry on.” 

He is said to have ensured they did not walk past any toilets and despite her pleas, he never showed her the loo. 

Eventually, after an hour and a half, the poor unnamed young woman wet herself right in front of him when she could not hold it in anymore. She said she had “never been so humiliated in my life”.

After leaving, the embarrassed job seeker grew suspicious and, encouraged by her friends, she went to the cops.

Reports in French media stemming from the French newspaper Canard Enchaine, which is the local equivalent to Private Eye and covers satirical news along with investigations, say she filed a complaint with the police five years ago but it has taken them this long to get back to her, and only after other women came forward.

When the cops finally contacted the young woman, a policewoman reportedly told her that the investigation was making progress, that dozens of young women had been victims, and that they had checked the official’s work computer where they found a diary in an Excel file detailing the suspected pervert’s exploits.

The log detailed exactly how they had urinated on themselves.

One woman peed behind some furniture when she could no longer hold it in while another had to go behind a bush.

Credit: CEN
French Ministry of Culture on 182 Rue Saint-Honore in Paris, France

Reports state that the unnamed Ministry of Culture official humiliated dozens of women in this manner, using a diuretic – a substance that increases the production of pee and makes people want to urinate.

While the case has only just been revealed, police have been investigating since January. The unnamed official is facing years in prison. The crimes – although it is unclear if he has been charged yet – include “administering a harmful substance”, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison in France.

The man also faces charges of “invasion of intimacy and privacy”, which comes with a hefty, 45,000-EUR (40,000-GBP) maximum fine.

Last, but not least, he faces charges of “aggravated violence”, a broadly defined misdemeanour that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and fines that can total 75,000 EUR (66,000 GBP).

Like Private Eye, Canard Enchaine is a newspaper which does not publish online, but a picture of the article was taken and posted online where it was widely shared on social media.

Credit: CEN
French Ministry of Culture on 182 Rue Saint-Honore in Paris, France

One investigator told local media: “It would seem that he received sexual gratification from others peeing”.

Netizens have reacted with shock. ‘Tom Jove’ said: “There are no words.”

While ‘MorganeToMe’ said: “This is demented.”

And ‘Mathilde added: “How horrible.”

‘Tangeek’ said: “We’ve found Trump’s long-lost son!”

And ‘dugodon’ jokingly suggested people start wearing nappies to job interviews.

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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