Fake Womans Severed Head Sparks Major Police Alert

This severed head of a woman sparked a full-scale police alert when it was dumped in a park before cops rushed to find it was only a replica.

A passerby had been walking along a green area by a short stretch of city wall in the city of Goettingen, in Lower Saxony, in central Germany, in the early evening when they spotted what appeared to be a severed head with no body visible, and they called the police.

Police spokeswoman Jasmin Kaatz said that the passerby told them that he had found a woman’s head “covered in blood” lying in the grass but the rest of the “owner’s” body was nowhere to be seen.

Credit: CEN
The mummy which caused a scare in the German town of Aying (Archive)

She said: “Two female police officers responded immediately and took over the investigation, and discovered that the head was a lifelike replica which was put into a bag. It is unclear where it came from.”

Police currently have the ‘severed head’ stored in a box at the local station, and are appealing for help in identifying where it came from and who the owner is.

Only last month there was a similar incident in which a pensioner called police after supposedly finding a dead body in her new home – only to find that the ‘corpse’ was in fact a fake mummy theatre prop.

Police in the borough of Aying, located just south-east of Munich in the German state of Bavaria, had been called to the apartment when a 65-year-old woman thought that she had found a decomposing body in a storage room.

According to reports, the police were not angry with the elderly room for calling them out, saying that it was a “very realistic replica of a mummified body”.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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