Five Leaf Clover Bought From Auction Site For Nearly GBP 1 Million Until Bidder Changes Mind

A five-leaf clover has been sold on a Swiss auction site for nearly GBP 1 million but the winning bidder reportedly regretted their move and retracted the bid.

The incident took place on the Swiss online marketplace Ricardo, when a five-leaf clover was put up for auction by an unnamed bidder and the winning bid amounted to CHF 1.2 million (GBP 961,000).

The seller, who has not been named, had already started looking for a foundation to which they would donate part of the proceedings, even saying there might “still be enough for a house on the edge of the forest”.

The listing for a five-leaf clover that was auctioned and accidentally bought for CHF 1.2 million (GBP 961,058), in October, 2021.

But it appears that the auction site agreed to cancel the bidder’s purchase, with the seller’s consent. Mojca Fuks, Ricardo’s media spokesperson, said: “The cancellation of a transaction is basically only possible with the consent of both sales parties”, according to local media outlet 20 Minutes.

She added: “Offers and bids are binding and legally valid” with the local media outlet speculating that the bidder had been a prankster.

This has not deterred copycats, however, with 20 Minutes reporting that another – this time live – clover has been put up for auction for the bargain price of CHF 1.9 million (GBP 1.5 million).

This reportedly includes shipping within Europe.

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash

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