Female MP Claims Kids Movie Frozen Turns Girls Gay

Brazil’s MP for Women has come under fire for claiming that Disney’s film Frozen makes girls lesbians and arguing that this is because the lead character Elsa is homosexual.

Brazil’s Minister for Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves, reportedly made the speech in a church in 2018 but it has recently been leaked online.

Credit: CEN/@dradamaresalves
Damares Alves during her speech

In the speech, Alves says: “Do you know why she (Elsa) ends up alone in an ice castle? Because she is a lesbian! The princess in Frozen is going to return to kiss Sleeping Beauty with a gay kiss.”

The minister went on to say the problem is “very serious” as films like Frozen are turning girls into lesbians.

She said: “I was a girl, I dreamed of being a princess. I dreamed of my prince charming. Now we are opening a breach in the heads of three-year-old girls to dream of a princess.”

The video was shared by Federal Deputy of the opposition Workers Party (PT) Paulo Pimenta, who said: “These are the thoughts of the State Minister of Human Rights. Spreading hate and prejudice against a social sector that is already facing all kinds of stigma and prejudice.”

Alves, who also reportedly works an evangelical pastor, serves Brazil’s controversial far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who once said he would rather his son “died in a car crash” than come home gay.

She responded to her criticism with a post on social media reading: “I was surprised with this controversy that has at its base, again, a small part cut from the video which was recorded during one of my talks at the church. My criticism is well-known, what I criticise is the attempted interference of gender ideology in our children’s identities.”

Credit: CEN
During the lecture

She added that she was “against the eroticisation and ‘adultalisation’ of children”.

Popular TV host Xuxa said: “I thought, is it better to speak about it or not, I decided to speak. We are living in a time where everybody has a voice, everybody… we are living in a time when a lot is said about freedom expression but my God, where is the world going to end up? 

“With such ignorance, lack of respect with the elections and conditions of the people, where is the respect for human beings? How are those things are allowed? I have seen people interpreting the Bible, poetry, paintings, but cartoons?”

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