Dutch Coke Gangs Huge AK47 Weapons Haul Nabbed In Malaga

This footage shows the huge arsenal of AK-47s and other weapons unearthed by cops in Malaga as part of an operation to tackle Dutch cocaine kingpins plying their trade at the popular resort.

According to local media, a team of Civil Guard and National Police officers were taking part in the second stage of ‘Operation Star Bananero’ after six tonnes of cocaine were seized in October 2018 in the city of Malaga in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

Video Credit: CEN

The authorities were able to coordinate the second stage after interviewing the suspects and analysing the evidence from the first phase.

Credit: CEN
The weapons seized during the police operation

In a Malaga car park that was reportedly rented by one of the suspects, police found a huge arsenal of weapons including an AK-47, a Skorpion machine pistol, two semi-automatic guns, four hand grenades and ammunition.

Cops also seized 35 vehicles, most of them luxury cars, as well as four kilogrammes (8.8 lbs) of MDMA, 1.2 kilogrammes (2.6 lbs) of cocaine, one kilogramme (2.2 lbs) of hashish and 20,000 ecstasy pills.

In April this year, agents found a state-of-the-art drug lab in a Malaga warehouse that is believed to have been used by the unnamed Dutch operation.

According to local media, it is suspected that the lab produced over 80 tonnes of MDMA, 45 tonnes of amphetamine and 25 million ecstasy tablets.

Credit: CEN
The weapons seized during the police operation

Reports said that three similar labs have been busted in the Netherlands in connection with the same gang.

They are believed to have organised the shipment of cocaine into Spain for nationwide distribution as well as into Holland and Portugal.

During the two stages of the operation, 20 suspects have been arrested.

In recent weeks, two people have been arrested in Holland, one in Austria and another in Costa Rica.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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