Cops Seize A Tonne Of Dog Meat To Be Sold In Shops

This is the startling moment officials seize over a tonne of what appears to be decomposing dog carcasses covered in flies and destined for sale as discount meat.

The startling discovery was made at the Chennai Egmore railway station in the city of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

In the video, officials can be seen stood around the polystyrene boxes containing the suspected dog meat as thousands of small flies surround the decomposing meat.

Inspectors can then be seen inspecting the corpses, which have been skinned and had their heads removed.

Video Credit: CEN

Local media report around 1,100 kilogrammes (2,447 lbs) of the meat was found in 11  boxes and samples have been sent off to experts to determine if it is dog meat or not.

Reports suggest the corpses could have been destined to have been sold as discount “Rajasthan meat”. Police had stopped a group of men who were seen collecting the boxes in the station after they were alarmed by the smell of rotting meat, according to reports.

People gathered around the dog meat

The boxes were reportedly first logged in the Gandhidham station in the state of Gujarat and placed onto the Jodhpur-Mannargudi Express train three days before being found.

The men who had been found carrying the boxes reportedly managed to escape.

No arrests have been reported and the investigation is ongoing.

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Story By: Aloysius FernandesSub-Editor: Joseph Golder,  Agency: Central European News

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