Hidden Camera Films Snow Leopards Weak Roar On Mountain

This is the moment a rare snow leopard exercises its unusual ‘roar’ on a mountain ridge in central China.

As the snow leopard’s vocal cords lack a thick layer of fatty tissue, it cannot produce a full-bodied roar like other big cats such as tigers or leopards.

The amazing footage was recently filmed by a hidden camera in the town of Yuansuojia in Sanjiangyuan District in China’s Qinghai Province.

In the video, the snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is seen on a mountain ridge exercising its signature roar, which surprisingly sounds very different than that of other big cats.

Credit: Newsflash

The snow leopard is classified as vulnerable, facing a high risk of extinction as there are less than 10,000 left in the world and the number is predicted to continue to decline.

They are found in six Chinese provinces as well as Tibet.

They are mainly threatened by humans who encroach on their territory causing habitat loss, as well as falling victim to poaching.

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Story By: Simona SpirkoskaSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska,  Agency: Newsflash

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