Climate Change Causes Glaciers Devastating Collapse

This is the moment a melting mountain glacier collapses and sends down an ice avalanche and waterfalls falling off a cliff.

The director of the national park where the startling incident took place claims it is “linked to climate change”.

Video Credit: CEN/Manuel Farah

The incident took place in the Queulat National Park, bordered by the Cisnes River on the south side and close to the Lago Rosselot National Reserve, located in the southern Chilean region of Aysen.

The park, which contains 595 square miles of glacier-capped mountains and virgin evergreen forests, comprises two small ice fields with glaciers up to seven miles long.

Credit: CEN/Manuel Farah
Moment of the huge waterfall caused by the landslide of the glacier

The largest glaciated area is the Queulat ice cap, which contains the park’s centrepiece, the Queulat Hanging Glacier.

Travel guide Manuel Farah shared footage of a melting glacier nestled between two mountains that collapses into an avalanche and series of waterfalls.

Farah said that he had never seen a glacier collapse like it before.

Meanwhile, experts claim that the melting glaciers are caused by high temperatures affecting the Patagonia region in the last few months.

National park director Alvaro D’Amico told local media that “the park has encountered numerous incidents linked to climate change” and called the melting glacier “regrettable”:

The park’s main icecap borders the northernmost part of the Puyuhuapi Channel called Ventisquero Sound and other attractions include the Queulat Sound, Father Garcia and The Condor Falls, and the Cat’s Stone.

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