Clever Dog Brings Owner Beers And Food During Lockdown

This is the bright pooch that brings its owner cans of beer during COVID-19 lockdown and even carries home the shopping from the nearby store.

Lorry driver Jonce Spiroski from Ohrid, a small resort city on the hilly shores of Lake Ohrid in the southwest of North Macedonia, spent 10 days in isolation after recently returning from driving in Romania.

He self-isolated at his parents’ house in the village of Draslajca with his wife and two teenage children, 15 and 13, and his baby son.

Video Credit: Newsflash/@jonce.spiroski

Accompanying the family was their five-year-old dog Aleks.

Jonce posted video updates of his time in self-isolation showing how Aleks helped him with the shopping and cooking.

The bright pooch even passed Jonce a beer and glass every night.

Many of the videos have been viewed on Facebook tens of thousands of times.

Jonce told Newsflash: “Aleks is part of the family. We have two other dogs including a Pekinese. I am a big animal lover.”

Credit: Newsflash/@jonce.spiroski
Jonce Spiroski and his dog Alek with masks on the face

“I don’t believe in training dogs, they learn while spending time with us. Aleks has been learning from me and the family all his life.

“He has become so popular, people are calling us to say they are watching the videos, even before he became a local celebrity. Aleks was always the neighbours’ favourite.”

One video shows Aleks bringing its owner a beer followed by a glass to drink it from.

In another clip, Aleks is seen holding a plate of sausages for the family in its mouth while Jonce cooks meat on a barbecue.

Video Credit: Newsflash/@jonce.spiroski

Another video shows the dog bringing the shopping home in its mouth from the nearby store.

Netizen ‘Anita Stojanovska’ commented:”That dog is very smart”

‘Blazeska Nada’ said:”You are lucky to have this dog, he is very intelligent.”

‘Aleksandar Sterjov’ wrote:”That is not a dog, it’s a walking brain!”

Meanwhile, Jonce said that he has since returned to driving in Romania and will self-isolate again when he returns

Video Credit: Newsflash/@jonce.spiroski

He told Newsflash: “I was given permission to drive my lorry from the government as it is considered self-isolation as well.

“I will self-isolate again to protect my family. When I come home, I’ll go into quarantine if I’m not asked to go back out on the road again.”

As of 30th March, North Macedonia has reported 259 cases of COVID-19 and six related deaths, according to the latest data from the Johns Hopkins University.

Video Credit: Newsflash/@jonce.spiroski

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Story By:  Sofija DizdarevikSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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