Cheeky Beluga Makes A Habit Out Of Scaring Children Who Come To Visit Aquarium

A playful whale tries to scare a little girl who was on a visit to the aquarium by opening its mouth wide as if to say “Boo!”, and it was reportedly not the first time it had done it.

The two-year-old ‘victim’, who was not named, was reportedly visiting an aquarium in Tianjin, a province-level city in northern China.

Video footage shows the little girl excitedly walking up to the whale alongside a man who appears to be her father.

The two began waving to the creature that seemed quite interested in them and hovered by the glass.


It kept its stare on the toddler and suddenly, opened its mouth wide and scared the girl, who immediately turned around and began crying.

Her father picked her up in his arms to console her, as the whale slowly swam away apparently satisfied with the outcome.

According to other visitors, this beluga is a “repeat offender” and has been often seen repeating the same stunt, scaring little kids by opening its mouth when they least expect it.

The Beluga whale ( Delphinapterus leucas), also known as the white whale, is a small, toothed whale species found predominantly in Arctic and subarctic regions.

It is easily identifiable by its distinctive white or pale colouration and lack of dorsal fin.

The two-year-old girl broke out crying in an aquarium in Tianjin, China, undated. A Beluga whale opened its mouth to scare her. (1507392851/AsiaWire)

Beluga whales are highly social and known for their complex vocalisations, earning them the nickname “canaries of the sea.”

They primarily feed on fish and invertebrates and are known for their playful behaviour and high level of intelligence.

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Story By: Simona KitanovskaSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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