Angry Boss Smashes Employees Phone On Floor

This is the moment an enraged boss smashes the mobile device of an employee who ignored her and watched her phone instead while lambasted for being “preoccupied with selfies and TikTok”.

Local media report the Malaysian boss had received complaints from her employees saying that one of the workers was using her mobile phone too much during office hours.

The boss, who works in an unspecified location in Malaysia, went to confront the worker and in the clip she can be heard shouting at the employee, who appears to be staring at her phone during her boss’ tirade.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

The boss says: “I have been in front of you for almost 15 minutes! No wonder your friends told me that you are so preoccupied with your selfies and your TikTok.

“When it is time to work, I expect you to work. Not this!”

The boss can then be seen holding out her hand and demanding the employee hand over the phone.

When the worker reluctantly does so the boss throws it forcefully onto the floor, seemingly smashing it into pieces.

The worker then gets on her knees to pick up the pieces of the phone.

Netizens were quick to point out that “the boss does not have a right to purposely damage the employee’s belongings.”

Another added: “It would have been sufficient to give the employee a warning letter, but it is very inappropriate to damage her personal belongings.”

It is unclear if the employee has made a complaint against the boss.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: AsiaWire Report

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