Cat Rescued After Rubber Band Placed Around Its Neck Cuts Into Its Flesh

These images show a cat that was rescued after a rubber band was placed around its neck that had cut into its flesh before it could be removed.

The incident took place in the citystate of Singapore and the images were shared online by the local SPCA organisation, who took the opportunity to warn people against putting rubber bands or hair ties on their pets.

In their post on Instagram, SPCA Singapore said: “Rubber bands, hair bands, hair ties, strings, ties, etc., can cause cuts in skins of animals when it is too tight. The foreign object can also harbour bacteria and increase the risk for infection in the wound.”

The organisation said that they had found the cat in a multi-storey car park in the town of Tampines, which is located on the north-eastern coast of Singapore’s East Region.

They added: “This cat had a rubber band causing a deep strangulating wound around her neck. After taking the band off; surgery was also done to remove infected body tissues and the wound was stitched up to promote healing.

“While we are unsure of how kitty got into this unfortunate situation or the intent behind the act, SPCA Singapore would like to use this incident to spread awareness. There is grave danger behind putting a tight object around an animal, as it can cause much pain and discomfort, or even death.

“Thankfully, this particular kitty has since healed up well and found her furever home!”

The tie of a catthat was found at a car park with a rubber around her neck, causing a deep strangulating wound, in Tampines, Singapore, in October, 2021.

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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