Cat Attacks Vet To Defend Dog That Does Not Want Jab

This is the moment a cat attacks a vet after apparently deciding he is causing pain to it’s doggy pal while trying to give it an injection.

The cat and the dog reportedly both belong to the same woman, who had taken both of them with her on the trip to the vets – and where the cat seems to have clearly decided that her doggy pal needs saving.

The clip was shared by TikTok user Argenis Perez who describes himself as a Venezuelan veterinary assistant living in Peru.

Credit: CEN/@argenisperez5

The video shows the moment the vet is treating the pooch on a metal table while a woman who seems to be the owner is holding it.

Then the woman’s cat who is seen watching the scene from the entrance walks to the table and stands on its two legs trying to see what is happening to the dog.

After deciding the struggling dog is being hurt, the cat is seen attacking and biting the vet and running away in what has been described by local media as an attempt to defend its four-leg pal.

Credit: CEN/@argenisperez5
Moment the cat attack the vet attending the dog

Argenis Perez shared the clip alongside the message: “An unexpected end with Michi”.

Local media reported that the cat and the dog belong to the woman on the clip.

Netizen ‘zandrazq’ said: “Animals are incredible, I am sure it (the cat) thought they were hurting the dog and wanted to defend it (the dog)”

TikTok user ‘trendypy’ jokingly wrote: “So, according to the cat, they were abusing the dog”

Credit: CEN/@argenisperez5
Moment the cat attack the vet attending the dog

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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