Businessman Runs Casino Behind Clothes Rack

A businessman in the Austrian capital Vienna has been arrested for running an illegal gambling den that was concealed behind a fake wall only accessible by pulling a clothing hook.

The unusual discovery was made by police officers in the district of Brigittenau in the Austrian capital of Vienna who were searching an empty office space.

The cops noticed something suspicious about a wall with a clothing rack and when they pulled one of the hooks, an entrance appeared.

Credit: CEN
The illegal gambling den was found behind a hidden door behind some clothes racks on a building’s wall

They soon realised that there was a secret room behind it.

On the other side, officers found several gamblers playing on illegal slot machines that were placed there by the owner of the makeshift casino, according to local media.

In Austria gambling is tightly regulated and limited to officially licensed premises that are mostly large casinos.

In total, 11 illegal gambling devices were found in the room.

The gamblers were interrogated by the cops and had their identities verified and noted.

Meanwhile, police discovered that a 57-year-old Turkish businessman was the owner of the illegal casino and promptly arrested him.

It was not reported if the Turkish man is being held by the cops on remand or released pending the investigation.

Formal investigations were taken over by the Financial Police who will decide on the punishment.

Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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