Bodybuilder Takes Sex Doll Wife For Valentine’s Massage

A bodybuilder who married a sex doll has told how he treated his silicon sweetheart to a luxury spa day and a massage for Valentine’s Day.

Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, says he chose the spa break after he was unable to find a good romantic movie for them to see together.

He told Newsflash in an exclusive interview: “The choice was between going to the cinema, a gala dinner, and massages.

“There was nothing interesting at the movies, that’s why I chose treatments and a gala dinner.”

Yuri, a university lecturer in theatre, explained: “Since Luna always looks beautiful, there was no point in doing anything cosmetic.


“That’s why I chose a massage. Because it feels good. And I myself also love massages.

“Well, I thought that if we both did it, it would be symbolic, beautiful and somehow family-like.”

Video footage of the massage session shows Yuri and Luna side by side on treatment tables.

While one confused-looking masseur goes to work on Luna, who is dressed in sexy lingerie, a second gets the kinks out of Yuri’s muscles.

Another video clip shows Yuri wiping off his sweat with his T-shirt and then rubbing it in her face.

One more shows him nibbling a giant gherkin that has been jammed between Luna’s silicone lips.

Yuri finished off his Valentine’s date night with a slap-up meal in an intimate restaurant.

He told Newsflash: “The people in the massage parlour were a little surprised, but were understanding and positive.

Photo shows Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko, 36, with his wife Luna in Kazakhstan, undated. Yuri invited his sex doll wife for a massage to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day. (@yurii_tolochko/Newsflash)

“I’ve been going to this salon for a long time. I know these guys, of course, they also know my story.

“They were also curious. They had never seen Luna in person before. They were interested to know how everything worked for her and to touch her.

“They did everything to her that they would do to a person during a massage.”

But, Yuri added, many people in his life as a professional academic and opera expert still find his lifestyle difficult to accept.

He explained: “Luna is still my wife. Many people are already accustomed to this status. But still, they continue to whisper behind my back.

“I had problems regarding my entire lifestyle. I am an LGBT activist living in Asia. Kazakhstan is a homophobic country.

“From time to time I encounter discrimination, but this concerns my work more and there is also discontent in sports.

“However, the athletes are divided – some believe that I should be expelled from the federations and not allowed to compete, others believe that my personal life has nothing to do with sports, this is my personal business and I should be judged and evaluated only by sports indicators.

“However, discrimination at work is getting tougher

Photo shows Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko, 36, with his wife Luna in Kazakhstan, undated. Yuri invited his sex doll wife for a massage to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day. (@yurii_tolochko/Newsflash)

“Every year I am limited in the amount of work I can do.

“They come up with different reasons, but on the sidelines, they say that this is precisely because I am a LGBT representative.

“They are afraid to say it directly because they are afraid that I am a public figure and could cause a scandal.

“And since the university where I teach has international connections, they don’t want an LGBT scandal.

“But nevertheless, behind the scenes, they constantly infringe on me. Every year more and more in the hope that I will quit.

“They cannot fire me completely based on my professional qualifications since I show good results, so they do it in a different way.”

But Yuri says he comes across even more criticism on social media, adding: “Some people think I’m crazy.”

Yuri teaches opera and acting at the Kazakh National University of Arts and has a Master’s degree in theatre.

He said: “Most often, these people do not have internal freedom, because of this they have a personal conflict within.

“They cannot afford to live the way they really want, to do what they really want.

“Therefore, they carefully observe my life and always find time to criticise me. This is their trigger.

“Well, all people are also divided into those who look and those who show

Photo shows Yuri Tolochko, 36, in Kazakhstan, undated. Kazakh bodybuilder is married to a sex doll Luna. (@yurii_tolochko/Newsflash)

“That’s why I do something, others watch. And they watch because they want to, they are bored. Most people have a boring life.”

But he said that many also respect his way of life. Tolochko said: “There are dramatically many people who respect me for my position, my courage and my path.”

Yuri, who holds a number of bodybuilding titles, added: “There are times when people take pictures with me on the street, they say that I am a legend, that they have been following me for a long time and always tell others about me.”

Tolochko said that he creates BDSM content for his fans and that he also has something on the side with another sex doll, Lola and her bought a Sting CD for Valentine’s Day.

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Story By: Amelia Neagu, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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