Black Couple Attacked By White Thug On Budapest Tram

This is the moment a black couple are attacked by a white Hungarian man who throws bottles of Malibu and beer cans at them in an apparent racist attack on a tram in Budapest.

The incident happened on the Number 17 tram in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

The couple, whose nationality has not been reported, were talking with friends when they were reportedly set upon their attacker.

In the clip, the attacker can be seen swinging a bottle of spirits at the couple before throwing cans of beer at them in a sustained verbal attack.

Video Credit: CEN/@melinda.oborzil

Despite the violent attack, the pair refuse to retaliate even after the woman – who filmed the incident – was covered in alcohol.

She says that she is horrified that the tram is full of people, were sitting there and doing nothing is the man abuses them and throws bottles and cans at them/

Seconds earlier the couple were laughing and joking which apparently angered the Hungarian man.

He had gone up to the black man and thrust his face very near him to shout: “Are you still laughing?”

Credit: CEN/@melinda.oborzil
Man harassing passengers on tram

He also then threw a bottle at the pair but it missed.

The incident reportedly happened on a number 17 tram in the capital Budapest, when the 34-year-old man who was not named and was posted on Facebook by a friend of the pair.

The couple’s friend Melinda Oborzil who filmed the incident urged people to take action to defend anybody being abused.

She wrote: “We better keep our eyes open to avoid such things in time or, when it is too late to avoid, at least try to stop it somehow.

“The video happened to one of my best girlfriends and colleagues last night coming home from work in Budapest.

“I am not trying to stir up trouble. I do not want to make anyone outraged or scare anyone, I just want to highlight the people need to be aware that things like this can happen and if you can do something to help, you should do, because unfortunately, no one helped them on the tram last night despite the fact that there were quite a few passengers.

“There is no need to confront such an attacker, but just call for help, stop the tram and take action. It’s just divine luck that the glasses aimed at them that were thrown with considerable force did not hit either of them. Of course, my girlfriend called the police and the tram driver did the same. Since then, the offender has been caught..”

The Hungary man appears to be drunk, and refers to them frequently as “Africans”. On one point he told them: “You are guests. You are guests, I am Hungarian. You are not Hungarian. You are guests in our country.”

The abuse ended when one of the victims called police on the phone and the tram driver also raised the alarm. The 34-year-old was then arrested although has not yet been questioned by police.

The victims said they had never experienced such racism before, and questioned why the tram driver had even allowed such a visibly drunk person onto the vehicle.

SoyUna Isla said: “Unfortunately the threat, menace and dirty looks are not isolated only to Budapest. Orban shouldn’t worry, most black people wouldn’t choose Hungary as first choice, it’s just to pass through.”

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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