Baby Dolphins Wash Ashore After Dying In Illegal Fishery

These images show the dead bodies of three baby dolphins and one adult have washed ashore on the southern Black Sea coast after reportedly dying in an illegal fishery.

The incident took place in the Alepu nature reserve on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast after the four dolphins drowned to death in the illegal fishery, according to local media.

Dolphins can drown when they are submerged underwater and run out of oxygen without being able to surface.

According to reports, injuries found on the carcasses suggest the dolphins drowned in an illegal fishery.

Credit: Newsflash/@atanas.rusev.90
Dead dolphin babies in Black Sea

Atanas Rusev, who sent the photos of the dead animals to the ‘Save the Dolphins’ organisation, said: “While the world is in isolation, poachers carry on like normal.

“They were victims of poaching activity, the same as thousands of dolphins every year.”

Netizen ‘Veronika Zheleva’ said: “Poor creatures.”

‘Hristina Vasileva’ commented: “The situation is out of control. Everything in the sea is a part of big mafia.”

‘Johnny Depth’ wrote: “Is there a way to damage the boats there?”

According to local media, the ‘Save the Dolphins’ NGO has been dealing with the problem of dead dolphins washing up ashore for many years.

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Story By:  Sofija DizdarevikSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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