Anti-Muslim Priest Says Women Enjoy Being Raped

This controversial priest has sparked fury after he claimed that some women enjoy being raped before going on to claim it is Muslims who treat the fairer sex like ‘beasts’.

The startling statements were made by Orthodox priest Vasile Raduca, vice-dean of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology from Bucharest after he was invited into the Romanian Patriarchy’s official Radio station “Trinitas” and he has quit his role in the Faculty of Orthodox Theology after his comments were criticised.

The priest was asked about the use of condoms as a contraceptive and he answered: “By using condoms, the youths doing so are doing nothing more than masturbating, which is a disgusting practice. During sexual acts, the woman receives what the man owes her. 

“The sperm contains a series of chemical substances that neutralise oestrogen from female organs. During the menstruation period, the woman is bombed with a huge amount of cancerous oestrogen.

“A normal relationship between a man and a woman brings health to the woman. Otherwise, she is only excited and masturbated. At some point she might want to leave for another man and have a normal relationship, different to the one with her husband who is only masturbating her.”

He added: “It is better, but also rarer, to offer your wife what her body needs, than to just masturbate her and to live with her in a succession of acts of masturbation which provokes only abomination and loathing.”

A woman named Gabriela then came on air and talked about her daughter dating a Muslim man. She asked Raduca if she should be worried about the relationship and what should be done about it.

The priest said: “Oh, my Lord… lady, I will give you two answers. First of all, pray! Pray to God for this relationship between them to end! That young man is of a different religion and I, as a Romanian, thinking about the last 500 years of the history of my country in which Romanians have been ruled by Ottoman Turks, I have reservations over intimacy with certain people.

”Please have in mind that in Islam, the woman is considered a beast whose only purpose is to pleasure her man. In Islam, the woman is considered a soulless being. It would be good if she found a Romanian guy to love and to build a family with.”

When asked by a listener if “children resulting from rape are also the gift of God” the priest said: “When rape has pregnancy as a result, there could be certain causes that led to that: maybe there was a rape to which the woman consented, which she enjoyed it being repeated, or maybe it was impossible for her to stop the germinal cells meeting and the egg becoming fertilised. 

“The road that the sperm has to go to meet the egg can last up to 30 hours. If the woman who was raped is smart enough, she has time to go to the doctor.”

The representatives of the Romanian Patriarchy and of the Trinitar Radio station did not support Raduca’s statements.

Patriarchy spokesperson Vasile Banescu said: ”I can only say from the beginning that this is a deplorable situation. Father Raduca was one of my teachers and I know he can get very passionate. I do not want to search for excuses for him. I radically detach myself from all his statements.

“His statements do not represent the Orthodox views on those matters. He will not be present anymore on radio and TV shows. The terms he used regarding a Muslim person are outrageous and it only represents his personal views. The Romanian Orthodox Church has impeccable relations with Muslims, based on mutual respect.”

The radio show anchor was also blamed for not intervening about what Father Raduca had said. The Trinitas radio station has been fined by the National Audiovisual Council, the official regulatory body monitoring radio and TV in Romania. 

Father Raduca also quit his position from the Faculty of Theology.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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