Adorable Puppy Finds Adoptive Family With Cute Snaps

This is adorable puppy looking sad after being made to look his best for new owners that then did not bother to turn up to collect him.

The snaps were shared by the ‘Rescue Me Foundation’ found in the Colombian capital city of Bogota after the puppy, named Vicente, was not collected by people who had arranged to adopt him.

He looked so sad that the foundation took pictures, which they shared earlier this week (Wednesday, 9th September).

The staff at the shelter had made sure Vicente was dressed for his big day where he was scheduled to be picked up by his adoptive owners.

Credit: @rescatamebogota/Newsflash
Vicente, the dog

One picture shows the adorable puppy sitting up wearing a ‘suit’ for what was supposed to be a very special occasion and looking at the camera.

Another shows him lying down and scratching his side with one of his hind legs.

The Rescue Me Foundation captioned the snap: “The person supposed to adopt Vicente never came for him. When he was all showered and ready for a home, the person cancelled his adoption.

“Then they ask us why we are so strict with the process, this is why! If you want to adopt keep in consideration it is a commitment forever, animals are not things we can dispose of when we don’t feel like having a dog anymore.”

But the story had a happy ending as Vicente was accepted by another family hours after they shared the images.

They wrote: “Thank you, everyone, for your interest, we never thought his story would get so far. We want to tell you Vicente has already been adopted by a beautiful family.”

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Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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