Activists Stage Overnight Protest Inside Cruel Piggery

This is the tender moment an animal activist picks up a piglet frokm among its dead siblings while wearing a pink fur lined jacket after bresaking into a piggery for an overnight protest.

Members of ‘Meat the Victims’, a movement born in Australia, broke into the pig farm in Sant Antoni di Vilamajor in the north-eastern Spanish province of Barcelona.

Video Credit: CEN/@actionforliberation

The protesters, some of them English-speaking, occupied the piggery from 3am until 7.30am when the first worker arrived and called the cops.

It was the second time that the group targeted an establishment in the Spanish region after breaking into a hennery in Mataro in December 2018.

Credit: CEN/@actionforliberation
The farm in Barcelona

The group live streamed footage on Facebook with the message: “Inside a Piggery in Barcelona with +75 activists at the Meat the Victims Barcelona Number 2.”

In the footage, young activists are seen cuddling cute piglets while filming the cruel conditions the animals live in.

At one point, an English-speaking woman cradles a sick piglet and says: “Sh*t, I can’t f*cking do anything. It is dying.”

Massin Riggs, spokesperson for the organisation Action for Liberation, told local media that the protest was to expose the “huge levels of cruelty” seen at the piggery.

They reportedly found at least 10 dead piglets inside with more dumped in a container outside the facilities.

Credit: CEN/@actionforliberation
One moment of the initiative done in the farm of pigs

Riggs told Central European News (CEN) that the police arrived and group members informed them that it was a “peaceful protest” and left the pig farm.

He added: “We explained that we are not against the farm itself, but against the industry.”

Riggs also said that they rescued three piglets which they took to the vets for urgent treatment.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


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