Fed-Up Locals Drag Lying Mayor Down Street Behind Van

Video Credit: CEN

This footage shows angry locals forcing a mayor out of the Town Hall and then tying him to a van before dragging him along the street.

The incident was filmed in the municipality of Las Margaritas in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas after the mayor reportedly failed to construct a road he had promised to.

Credit: CEN
Moment mayor is dragged through the streets

According to local media, locals from the community of Santa Rita El Invernadero forced their way into the Town Hall and dragged out the mayor, Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez of the social democratic Party of the Democratic Revolution.

The mob was furious that the mayor had not delivered his promise of a new road in their rural community so they reportedly tied him to the back of a van and dragged him through the streets.

Video Credit: CEN

Local media said that the gang threatened cops in the Town Hall and smashed windows and furniture in the building.

The locals used sticks and bats in a confrontation with officials and at least a dozen people were injured while 11 people were eventually arrested, according to reports.

Credit: CEN
Moment the mayor is being dragged by people with a rope

The police were able to rescue the mayor who suffered minor injuries during the violent protest.

Escandon Hernandez was taken to hospital where he is being guarded by cops to prevent a further attack, according to local media.

It is not the first time that villagers from Santa Rita El Invernadero were involved in a violent protest at the Town Hall. Last year, they reportedly stormed the building to demand that the mayor fulfils his 2018 election promises.

Credit: CEN/@JorgeLuisEscandonHernandez
The mayor Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez, during the speech

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