67yo Gives Birth To Daughter And Becomes Oldest New Mum

These are the first images of a little girl born to China’s oldest new mother who delivered her at the age of 67 following what she and her husband claim was natural conception.

Huang Tianci, whose name means ‘heaven-sent’ or ‘gift from heaven’, was delivered by caesarean section at Zaozhuang Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in East China on 25th October.

Credit: AsiaWire
Ms Tian and Mr Huang’s newborn daughter

Her mother, retired paediatrician Tian Ying, was discharged from hospital on 29th October and accompanied home by her husband, Huang Heping, 68.

Tianci’s birth has caused controversy in China, where members of the online community have questioned how the elderly couple will be physically able – or afford financially – to raise her.

The couple revealed that even their own children threatened to cut familial ties with them if they went through with the pregnancy.

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Before Tianci’s arrival, Ms Tian was already mother to a daughter and a son, the former now 40 years old with an adult child of her own.

Ms Tian said: “I have two grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter is 18 and starting university; the other is in secondary school.

“When my children found out I was pregnant, both of them hoped I would have an abortion. My daughter even said she would cut ties with me if I went through with the pregnancy.

Credit: AsiaWire
Ms Tian (C) leaving hospital following the birth of her daughter

“I didn’t want this either. Why would I want another child at this age? But she happened, and test results were positive, so we considered her a gift from heaven.

“This pregnancy was of course nothing like having my previous two children. I was young then but really struggled this time.

“It was painful, far too painful. It hurt so much, I couldn’t keep my eyes open.”

Credit: AsiaWire
A midwife hands Mr Huang, 68, his newborn daughter

Tianci’s father Mr Huang, who is a lawyer, said: “I know what the public is saying.

“What I want to say is: don’t interfere with my family life, especially when it comes to my children.

“I won’t stand for it.

“She’s now born, and she is a gift from heaven, so we should protect and raise her.”

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