13yo Musician In Coma Wakes Up After Mum Plays His Song

This 13-year-old musician who ended up in a coma when a tractor knocked him off his bicycle has now “miraculously” woken up after his mum played him this song that he sang at his first concert.

Victor Krihan spent a month in a coma and his mother says no one expected him to wake up.

Video Credit: CEN

Doctors told his violinist mother Natalya Krihan, who is from a small village near Balti in Moldova, to try to “wake him with strong emotions”.

She told Central European News (CEN): “I turned on the music he was singing, his song. A miracle happened, he woke up. When I asked him what he heard, he showed me with signs ‘This is my song.’”

Video Credit: CEN

The mum had put his song on her phone and played it to him through headphones as he lay lifeless in his hospital bed.

She told CEN: “The period of the coma was very difficult for me. I lost all my strength, but after praying to God in the morning, a little bit of strength came back.

Credit: CEN
Mom included in his headphones a song that he sang at a concert. Nobody expected Victor to come out of a coma, but now he has revealed a talent that impresses the jury and the audience

“This went on until my son began to eat, until I saw that he had begun to move, even if it was just a finger. The minute he indicated that he could hear and feel, but his whole body was frozen.

“From day to day we observed that he was clinging on to life. I felt a cold feeling on my shoulders at midnight when I prayed. I became dizzy, then I got up and talked to heaven.”

Credit: CEN
Victor playing the accordion

Now her son has woken up, but the path to rehabilitation is set to be a long and arduous one. Natalya said: “We are facing health, rehabilitation, medications for the nervous system, acupuncture twice a year for facial nerve recovery, because of a traumatic craniocerebral trauma, a cerebral contusion that has affected half the body, and we are aiming for an operation on his right eye.”

But the young musician appears to be ready to take on the challenges ahead with a steadfast resolve. He said he now wants to become a doctor, telling CEN: “I want to help people who are experiencing difficulties just like me.”

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Story By: Anna GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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