Hungry Abandoned Pooch Drinks Dead Pals Blood As Food

These images show a pack of abandoned dogs left without food as one of the poor pooches appears to lick another’s carcass reportedly as if it were trying to feed itself.

The deceased dog was reportedly killed for food by the rest of the hungry pack.


Video Credit: CEN

The pack of dogs, reportedly 50 in number, were found in a house in the neighbourhood of Lindavista, in the north of the Mexican capital Mexico City by local authorities after neighbours noticed the shocking conditions the dogs were being kept in.

After receiving warnings from local residents workers from the Investigation Police of the Office of the General Attorney forced the door to be able to rescue the dogs. According to the neighbours the animals had been abandoned since July 2018.

Credit: CEN
Stray dogs in unhealthy conditions

In the video, some of the dogs can be seen in the back garden whilst one pooch appears to be drinking blood from the wound of a dead dog.

Local resident Carolina Figueroa said that the dogs had attacked the weakest among them to eat them because they were starving.

She added: “We reported the case to local authorities and animal protection organisations but it wasn’t until we uploaded a video that they paid attention to us, the animals are in really bad conditions.”

Credit: CEN/@PAOTmx
Police guarding the house

Neighbour Magdalena Rios told local media: “We live in the back and we can’t even open the windows because the smell and the flies are unbearable. ”

A 60-year-old man was reportedly arrested but his identity has not been revealed. 

According to the neighbours’ testimonies, the house is inhabited by a couple and they could suffer from a “mental illness”.

Credit: CEN/@PAOTmx
Stray dogs in unhealthy conditions

Personnel of the Attorney’s General Office for Environmental Crimes and Urban Protection (Fedapur) and of the Attorney’s General Office for Environmental Affairs and Territory Organisation (PAOT), as well as of the Animal Surveillance Brigade of the Citizen Security Secretary (SSC) transferred the dogs.

According to reports, some of the dogs were transferred to the facilities of the Animal Surveillance Brigade and others to the Canine Attention Centre of Culhuacan, where they will be treated by veterinarians and the future of the pooches will be decided. 

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