112-Year-Old Great Gran Says She’s Ready To Wed Again

A woman aged 112 who has been married seven times and has 30 great-grandkids has told how she’s ready to marry for the eighth time.

Siti Hawa from Tumpat, Malaysia state, has five children and 19 grandchildren and has outlived several of her previous husbands.

Now, reports local media, Sita has announced that she is ready to take on husband number eight.

She said: “I’m open to the possibilities of another marriage” before adding “If anyone’s interested?”

Despite her age medics say Sita is in remarkable health despite high blood pressure. Which she keeps under control with medication.

Picture shows Siti Hawa, 112, from Tumpat, Malaysia, undated. She reportedly said that she would not refuse to remarry if someone proposes to her. (Newsflash)

She has slight hearing loss and her vision is sometimes blurred but she is still able to pray five times a day.

She also told local media that she was open to being married again. If there was anyone who wanted to get in touch for a date.

According to reports, Siti is able to do her everyday responsibilities on her own.

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She said: “I didn’t even think I would live to this age when my siblings and other friends have already passed away.”

Siti said she does not know the secret to her longevity but added: “I’ve been eating only plain white rice and drinking plain water. But I’m not so sure it has anything to do with my long life.”

Her grandson Ali, 58, who now lives with her, said: “Even though her memory is weak, she can recount the history of the time when the country was colonised by Japan to her grandchildren.”

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