Zoo Removes Cats From Monkey Enclosure After Woman Tries To Climb Inside EnclosureTo Save Them Following Controversial Clip

Woman trying to jump inside a monkey enclosure to save a couple of cats after a controversial clip showed the felines getting molested by the monkeys.

Smartphone footage recorded at the Kunming Zoo, located in China’s Yunnan Province. Showed the woman trying to climb inside the monkey enclosure as shocked spectators pulled her back on 27th January.

Kunming Zoo reportedly released a statement saying that the two cats were safely removed from the Monkey Mountain enclosure later that day at around 9:40pm.

It followed after zoo authorities became a target of harsh criticism, when videos depicting the monkeys torturing the cats. Which were placed inside for rodent control, emerged online last week.


The clip showed how the monkeys were dragging the cats around, plucking their whiskers, and even mounting them to the astonishment of present zoo visitors.

Kunming Zoo revealed that a thorough physical evaluation by vets at the Yunnan Agricultural University showed that the cats were in good physical condition, with no external or internal injuries.

They added that the China Small Animal Protection Association will relocate the two felines to new, safer homes.

Animal Activists Demand Action After Monkey Mounts Cat Placed In Its Enclosure

In response to public concerns, zoo officials released two notices last week. Which said that a previous rat infestation had caused the number of rats to amount to up to 500 due to food storage issues.

Following the advice of local experts and residents. The zoo placed eight cats in the enclosure in 2013. These further produced four more offspring, which effectively controlled the rat infestation.

To ensure the persistent control effect over the rat infestation, the zoo moved out 10 cats and left two in the monkey enclosure.

According to the zoo, the monkeys and cats have been getting along well over the decade with the cats remaining in good physical condition.

A woman attempts to save cats from monkeys enclosure at Kunming Zoo. In Yunnan, China, undated. The cats were abused by the monkeys. (AsiaWire)

Zoo authorities further expressed their appreciation of the public concern over the animals’ living conditions and support.

They added they are committed to reflecting on their shortcomings and considering public opinions to provide their animals. With a safe and healthy living environment.

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Story By: Georgina Jedikovska, Sub-Editor: Simona Kitanovska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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