Zoo Puts Santa In Huge COVID-Free Snow Globe To Greet Kids

A Danish zoo has come up with a safe way for Santa to meet and greet youngsters this festive period despite the COVID-19 restrictions – placing him in a giant snow globe.

The innovative meet and greet method was introduced at Aalborg Zoo in the Danish city of Aalborg on 13th November.

The zoo posted a video on their Facebook page inviting people to visit the new ‘grotto’, adding: “Can you imagine a Christmas without Santa?

“Well, no, but in corona times, we have to take extra good care of each other, so we have made a huge magic snow globe for Santa so you can come and tell him everything you want for Christmas.”

Credit: Aalborg Zoo/Newsflash

In the video, Santa is seen sitting inside a giant transparent snow globe with a typical Christmas setting as young children approach to greet him and share a high-five.

Zoo spokesperson Helle Justesen told Newsflash: “We couldn’t imagine Christmas without Santa, but because of COVID-19 we had to come up with an alternative and safe way for children to meet him.

“We were inspired by a Chanel poster with a beautiful snow globe and our childhood memories of them, so we thought it would be great fun to bring it alive on a big scale and make a magical and safe Santa globe.”

In addition to meeting Santa, visitors can also enjoy the beautifully Christmas-decorated zoo garden and take part in many festive workshops organised by the staff.

Aalborg Zoo said that the visitors should book in advance through their website even if they have an annual pass, free ticket or other admission ticket.

Credit: Aalborg Zoo/Newsflash
Santa greeting the children from inside of a snow globe at Danish Zoo

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Story By: Maja Mishevska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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