Woman With Buggy Attacks Gay Pair For Kissing On Tube

This is the moment a woman with a buggy hurls a torrent of homophobic abuse at a lesbian couple on a packed tube train after she reportedly spotted them kissing.

The incident was filmed on an underground train in the north-eastern city of Barcelona, in Spain’s Catalonia region, where an attack on a gay man in a McDonald’s restaurant made the headlines last week, and shared on social media where it has been viewed 215,000 times.

Video Credit: CEN/@carlunsky

Netizen ‘Carla Gallen’ wrote: “On Wednesday afternoon, my partner and I suffered homophobic aggression on the underground. A woman insulted and attacked us for kissing.”

In the footage, the aggressor, who according to local media had a pram with a baby in it, is heard calling the lesbian couple “dykes” and “c*cksuckers” because she reportedly saw them kissing on the tube.

Credit: CEN/@carlunsky
The homophobic woman being vulgar and aggressive against the lesbian women

During the outburst, she also refers to her own gay brother as a “faggot”.

She shouts: “You disgust me, I have a gay brother, but he doesn’t kiss in front of me because he respects me.”

When she appears to hear the lesbian couple speaking Catalan, the woman scoffs and says: “Oh, you are also Catalan!”

One of the lesbian women replies: “Oh, so you are a homophobic and a racist!”

At one point, the angry woman tries to grab the lesbian couple’s mobile, saying: “Stop recording or I’ll take your phone.”

A male passenger suggests that she should “express your opinion respectfully”.

According to reports, the victims have filed a complaint with the Catalan police and the Observatory against Homophobia who have also informed the Public’s Prosecutor’s Office of Hate and Discrimination. The police are reportedly investigating the incident. It is unclear if the aggressor has been identified.

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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