Woman Digs Garden With JCB After Clerics Treasure Claims

These images show JCBs digging up a hapless woman’s garden after she went to an Imam following a dream about treasure and he convinced her there were riches buried there.

The imam even made her cough up over 100 GBP telling her that there was an ancient tomb there after she told him about a dream she had had about buried treasure.

The poor woman’s family then contacted the local museum to have a digger come to the house and dig up her garden.

Credit: AsiaWire
The woman was told by a local imam that the treasure was in her yard

According to local media, 50-year-old Selcan Ekim from the district of Derinkuyu in the central Turkish province of Nevsehir woke up one morning after having a vivid dream about hidden treasure.

After discussing her dream with relatives, she was advised to speak to her imam.

Reports said that the imam took 800 TRY (104 GBP) from the woman, and told her that the treasure was buried in a tomb in her garden and that she needed to excavate the whole area.

According to local media, the woman told her relative Koksal Ekim who spoke to the directors of the nearby Nevsehir Museum and arranged for a digger to come to the house.

Museum officials, reporters and local police arrived at the property as the excavation got underway, with Selcan looking on with great excitement.

She reportedly shied away from the TV cameras, preferring to wait indoors for the moment workers ‘struck gold’.

Credit: AsiaWire
Koksal Ekim, relative of Selcan Ekim who helped her with the digging procedures

During the dig, Koksal Ekim told reporters: “We are sure there is a tomb here. We contacted the museum about legal procedures and workers are currently excavating the area.

“We agreed everything with the imams. If nothing comes of this, we will be left empty-handed. We were told there is an ancient tomb containing hidden treasure.”

Reports said that the dig lasted for around two hours, but nothing was found.

A disappointed Koksal said: “What can I say? We worked for nothing, now we are putting the soil back.”

Meanwhile, the imam who told the woman to dig up her garden reportedly arrived to watch the excavation, but disappeared when it seemed nothing was going to be found.

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Story By: Sibel AbdiuSub-EditorJoseph Golder,Agency: Asia Wire Report


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