Weight Loss TV Show Winner Dies Weighing 78 Stone

This obese reality star has died weighing almost 78 stone because he “could not stop” eating after losing 17 stone in a 2006 weight loss TV show only to pile back on the pounds.

Maximiliano Oliva became well-known in Argentina after participating in the reality show ‘Cuestion de Peso’ (Question of Weight) broadcast by El Trece in Argentina in 2006 and dropped to just 15.7 stone while taking part.

Credit: CEN/@maxi.oliva.14
Maxi Oliva

The show sees contestants competing to the lose the most weight and he won after dropping from 215 kilogrammes (33.8 stone) to just over 100 kilogrammes (15.7 stone) with the help of doctor Adrian Cormillot in January 2007.

Local media report he dropped further weight after the show and he married Vanesa Anabel Rivera, who he met on the show.

However, he quickly began to put the weight back on and by 2010 he weighed 250 kilogrammes (39.3 stone) and by 2013 was up to 300 kilogrammes (47.2 stone), telling reporters at the time: “You can see how I am , devastated, tired of the situation. I feel a lot of blame for not being able to keep it up. 

“It is everything or nothing. I started feeling desperate and started to eat again and I could not stop, with deep depression.”

He participated on ‘Cuestion de Peso’ in February 2017 for a second time, after two years of lying on a bed in his home Lomas del Mirador, in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires.

Credit: CEN/eltrece
Maxi Oliva was helped by firefighters to go out of his house for a new treatment

The show’s producers had to organise over 70 people among them firefighters and Civil Defence staff, to break a wall in the house and carry him out on a bed.

By April 2019 he could stand again and was sent home from Dr Cormillot’s medical centre, telling the cameras “I am happy”.

However, he reportedly began gaining weight again and he has now died weighing almost 500 kilogrammes (78.7 stone). He leaves behind a nine-year-old daughter named Valentina.

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